About Us

Before founding Chapman Homes, Inc., our owner and operator, Mike Chapman, spent over three decades working in the construction industry. In the '90s, Mike pivoted to gain additional experience working in real estate in Minnesota before returning to his true passion: home construction. Mike's unique combination of real estate and construction experience makes Chapman Homes more than qualified to take on any home improvement project you can throw at them!

While other owners might prefer to take a hands-off approach, Mike is an active owner and remains deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of Chapman Homes. Mike believes in taking a personal approach to construction, working closely with clients to devise and perfectly carry out the project of their dreams. Heading an experienced and dedicated team at Chapman Homes, Mike and his crew are ready to take on any project you can cook up.

Chapman Homes only hires talented crew members who share Mike's vision and passion for construction. Let our dedicated designers, craftsmen, and subcontractors go to work for you, bringing expertise and ingenuity to every job.